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Virgil was the Greatest of Roman Poets. From Spenser and Shakespeare through to Tennyson and William Morris, his poetry has influenced the works of major writers throughout the ages. Dante chose Virgil as a guide through the hell and purgatory of his inferno; in the middle ages the Roman poet was regarded as a seer and a magician. His Aeneid served as the model for all the Latinepics of the medieval period and then for the new classical epic of the renaissance.It follows the mythical exploits of the hero Aeneas, who escapes from the burning rubble of Troy to become the founder of the Roman Empire. In this Patriotic masterpiece, the adventures of Aeneas take him across oceans, to mysterious lands and through the darkness of the underworld before the Gods eventually allow him peace.

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ISBN: 0856356603

Author: Virgil

Number of pages: 358

Release date: January 1, 1986

Categories: Classics, Poetry, Literature

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